Assigning a Static IP Address to an Instance

Every time an FME Flow Hosted instance is paused, it is assigned a new IP address. Alternatively, you can assign a static IP address to an instance. Static IP addresses are a good way to securely integrate on-premises and Cloud infrastructure. For example, you can open a port into your on-premises data center, but only allow traffic from the static IP you assign to the instance.

When you assign a static IP to an instance, keep in mind the following:

  • Because IP addresses are a finite resource, each account is limited to one address. If you need more, contact FME Support.
  • When using the FME Flow Web User Interface and Rest API, it is still advised to access the instance using the host name, as the SSL certificate is tied to the host name, not the IP address.
  • Once assigned, the instance always has that IP address (unless you reassign it), even if you pause it.

To Assign a Static IP Address to an FME Flow Hosted Instance

  1. Pause the instance to which you want to assign a static IP.
  2. In the Summary tab, under IP Address, click Assign Static IP.
  3. Click Request new IP Address to generate an IP address.
  4. In the New Static IP Address dialog, specify either an existing IP or a new one to assign:
    • Choose Existing IP: Select the IP you want to assign under Available Static IPs, and click Assign IP.
    • Create New IP: The Region field corresponds to the Amazon EC2 region in which the instance is located. Optionally, give the address a Name. Click Create & Assign IP.

To Detach or Delete a Static IP Address from an FME Flow Hosted Instance

  1. Pause the instance from which you want to detach or delete a static IP.
  2. In the Summary tab, under IP Address, click Unassign.
  3. In the Unassign Static IP dialog, select Delete IP address if you want to delete the IP address from your account. If you only want to unassign the IP, leave this field unchecked.
  4. Click Unassign.