FMEMesh.addMeshPart(appearanceReference, vertexIndices, vertexNormalIndices, textureCoordinateIndices)

This routine adds a new mesh part to the mesh. The ‘vertexNormalIndices’ and ‘textureCoordinateIndices’ may be passed in as None if the user does not want to specify vertex normals or texture coordinates for the mesh part. The first indices of the mesh part should match the respective last indices, indicating a closed face. If this is not the case, the mesh part will be closed by the method.

  • appearanceReference (int) – Should refer to a valid appearance in the shared object library, but no checking is done during this call. The appearance reference of 0 implies that this part will inherit the appearance reference of the mesh.

  • vertexIndices (list[int]) – Should refer to valid vertices in the vertex list of the mesh, but no validation is done by the method.

  • vertexNormalIndices (list[int] or None) – Should refer to valid vertex normals stored in the mesh.

  • textureCoordinateIndices (list[int] or None) – Should refer to valid texture coordinates of the mesh.

Return type:



Boolean indicating whether or not the addition was successful.