FMEFace.setArea(area, closeMode)

Sets the area of this face. The existing area will be replaced and the transformation matrix will be reset.The parameter ‘closeMode’ specifies how this face treates areas that are not closed in 3D.

  • If FME_CLOSE_3D_AVERAGE_MODE is specified, an additional point is added, connecting the start and end points of the area. This point is computed by the average of the start and end points, in 3D.

  • If FME_CLOSE_3D_EXTEND_MODE is specified, the start and end points are connected with no additional points.

  • If FME_CLOSE_3D_EXTEND_OR_AVERAGE_Z_MODE, we use the AVERAGE mode if and only if the start and end points lie on the same coordinate plane (i.e. they share the same x-, y-, or z-coordinates).

  • Otherwise, the EXTEND mode is used.

  • If the input area is None, then an error will be generated.

Return type: