FMEOrientedArc.setArc(arc, transformationMatrix)

Sets the arc of this oriented arc. The input arc should be planar. The existing arc will be replaced and the transformation matrix will be reset to the given value. To leave the transformation matrix in place and modify the arc’s local coordinates only, use setArcInLocalCoordinates(). If the input arc is None, then an exception will be raised.

  • arc (FMEArc) – The arc to set on this oriented arc.

  • transformationMatrix (list[list[float]]) – The transformation matrix to apply to the oriented arc, formatted [[dddd][dddd][dddd]]. Only three rows are expected in the input array, as a bottom row of [ 0 0 0 1 ] is assumed.

Return type:



FMEException – An exception is raised if an error occurred.