FMEArc.setMeasureValues(as3Points, measureTuple)

This assigns the values given in the tuple ‘measureTuple’ to the default measure, or the measure named by ‘measureName’ if given. This creates the measure if it doesn’t already exist.

If ‘as3Points’ is True, the measure will be set as three points, hence if ‘measureTuple’ does not contain three FMEPoint objects, an error is returned. If the underlying arc is not stored by 3 points, the “midPoint” value of the tuple (i.e. measureTuple[1]), will be ignored.

  • as3Points (bool) – Whether to set the measure as three points.

  • measureTuple (tuple[FMEPoint]) – The tuple containing the point measures to set on the arc.

  • measureName (str) – (Optional) The name of the measure whose values to set.

Return type: