FMEAppearance.setMapperReference(mapperType, textureReference)

This routine sets a Mapper that modifies this Appearance. The Mapper is a texture object that modifies some property of the Appearance. One of: FME_MAPPER_ALPHA_MAP, FME_MAPPER_ALPHA_MASK, FME_MAPPER_AMBIENT_MAP, FME_MAPPER_AMBIENT_MASK, FME_MAPPER_DIFFUSE_MAP, FME_MAPPER_DIFFUSE_MASK, FME_MAPPER_EMISSIVE_MAP, FME_MAPPER_EMISSIVE_MASK, FME_MAPPER_SHININESS_MAP, FME_MAPPER_SHININESS_MASK, FME_MAPPER_SPECULAR_MAP, FME_MAPPER_SPECULAR_MASK, FME_MAPPER_BUMP_MAP, OR FME_MAPPER_BUMP_MASK. The ‘textureReference’ should refer to a Texture found in the common FMELibrary. True will be returned if the reference supplied refers to a valid Texture in the library, False indicates a hanging reference.

  • mapperType (int) – The Mappper to set on this appearance.

  • textureReference (int) – The texture reference to set on this appearance.

Return type:



Returns True if the reference supplied refers to a valid texture in the library and False otherwise.