Oracle Spatial Relational Reader/Writer

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.


The Oracle Spatial Relational Reader/Writer module enables FME to read and write geometric and attribute data stored using Oracle Spatial.

This module communicates directly with Oracle Spatial for maximum throughput. Both the relational and object-relational models of Oracle Spatial are supported by FME: the relational model is discussed here and the object-relational model is discussed in a separate chapter: Oracle Spatial Object Reader/Writer .

If only attributes are to be read or written, the Oracle Non-Spatial Reader/Writer module should be used.

This chapter assumes familiarity with Oracle Spatial and its indexing mechanisms.

Tip: The FeatureReader transformer performs queries against any FME-supported format.

Reader Overview

This reader reads relational tables from Oracle Spatial Relational databases.

Writer Overview

The Oracle Spatial Relational writer module stores both geometry and attributes into an Oracle Spatial database. Only uppercase table names are supported.

The Oracle Spatial Relational writer provides the following capabilities:

  1. Table Creation: The Oracle Spatial Relational writer uses the information within the FME mapping file to automatically create database tables as needed. When the relational model of storing geometry is used, the writer will create and populate all needed supporting tables. In such a case, the <layername>, <layername>_SDOGEOM, <layername>_SDOLAYER, <layername>_SDOINDEX, and <layername>_SDODIM tables will all be created.
  2. Index Creation: The Oracle Spatial Relational writer will set up and populate all needed indexes and index tables as part of the loading process. For the relational model, indexes on SDO_GID columns in the <layername> and <layername>_SDOGEOM tables are created, and a compound index on the SDO_GID and SDO_CODE columns in the <layername>_SDOINDEX is created. The <layername>_SDOINDEX table will also be populated.
  3. Bulk Loading: The Oracle Spatial Relational writer uses a bulk loading technique to ensure speedy data load.