glTF (GL Transmission Format) Writer

glTF™ is an open source specification for 3D scenes and models. It is a standard of the non-profit Khronos Group Inc. For more information on the glTF format, see the glTF overview page.

glTF Product and System Requirements



Operating System


FME Desktop License

FME Server

FME Cloud

Windows 64-bit




Available in FME Professional Edition and higher






Writer Overview

The glTF writer produces a single .gltf or .glb file for each FME feature type. All features with a single feature type are merged into one 3D scene.

The writer can produce both glTF 1.0 and glTF 2.0 files.

By default, glTF models are in a Y-up coordinate system, while FME stores geometries in a Z-up coordinate system. As a result, the glTF writer will rotate all geometries into a Y-up coordinate system. All geometries in a glTF file are measured in meters. The glTF writer will attempt to convert all geometries into meters using the feature’s coordinate system information.

glTF does not include attribute data.

In Workbench, the glTF Writer supports feature type fanout and will write a different glTF model file for each feature type.

Note: Geometry structure is preserved in the written file. If the structure is not important, you can reduce file size by running features through the Triangulator transformer's TINSurface port, followed by an Aggregator transformer. This results in the smallest representation possible.

Old files in the output folder are overwritten by the new files with the same name. If the output files cannot be written, the translation fails.

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