Topic Monitoring

From the Home page, select Manage Notifications. On the Notifications page, select Topic Monitoring.

The topic monitoring page provides a convenient place to monitor Notification Service activity on topics without having to reference log files.

In the Topics to Monitor drop-down list, select the topics you want to monitor, then click Start Monitoring. To stop monitoring activity, click Stop Monitoring.

Note: Topic monitoring uses the WebSocket communication protocol, which occurs over port 7078. If necessary, be sure to configure any firewall settings to allow for open communication on port 7078.

Depending on how many topics you are monitoring, for how long, and the amount of activity on your server, this page may fill quickly with records. You can use the Search field to limit the records that display. For example, to show only job failures from the records, type "fail".

To clear all of the records and start over, click Clear Results.