XLSXW Writer: User Attributes

To access user attributes, click the properties button on a feature type in the workspace, and select the User Attributes tab.

For information on the parameters in this dialog that are specific to all formats, see About Writer Feature Types: User Attributes

User attributes for this format are defined below.


The name of the attribute to be written.


Choose one of the following field types.

Cell Width

Sets the width of the column.


Formatting sets the format on a per-column basis. The Edit button displays the Edit Column Properties dialog.

Each option that is set overrides any corresponding existing formatting defined in a template or existing sheet. If formatting is not edited, it will be taken from the existing sheet or template. Unset values will not override the corresponding existing values.

Additionally, sources of formatting other than existing sheets or templates, or explicit user options in the Column Properties dialog, include the column type (if set to date, time, or datetime), and hyperlink attributes.

In general, each part of the formatting can be set separately without affecting other parts. For example, the Font and Custom Number Formatting can be set from different sources of formatting without overwriting each other. Note, however, that Font is considered a single element and cannot have its parts, such as Arial, or Italic, or Color, set from different sources. These options are applied in the following order:

  1. Existing sheet or template formatting
  2. Column types (that is, date, time, and datetime)
  3. User settings from Column Properties (described below)
  4. Hyperlinks formatting

All of these options are only applied if applicable.




Text Alignment

Cell Protection