Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database Non-Spatial Writer: User Attributes

For information on the parameters in this dialog that are specific to all formats, see About Writer Feature Types: User Attributes

User attributes for this format are defined below.

Name The name of the field to be written.

Choose one of the following field types.


The type of index to create for the column.

If the table does not previously exist, then upon table creation, a database index of the specified type is created. The database index contains only one column.

Note: A given table can contain, at most, one clustered index.

The valid values for the column type are listed below:

indexed: An index without constraints.

indexed_not_null: An index with a non-nullable constraint.

unique: An index with a unique constraint.

unique_clustered: A clustered index with a unique constraint.

clustered: A clustered index without constraints.

clustered_not_null: A clustered index with a non-nullable constraint.

not_null: A non-nullable constraint.

primary_key: A primary key with non-nullable and unique constraints.