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Menus and Windows

The File and View menus contain basic window-level commands that allow you close the application or adjust the visible areas.

Through the Help menu, you can view the current FME build number, and check for FME updates.

Log Pane

The log pane shows status information and results.

Properties Pane

Click on the name of the application to display its Properties:




The name of the application.


The FME build number that extends the application. The build number will change each time you update FME.


Is this application extendable by FME? A Yes in this column indicates that the application is ready to be extended.

Extended Is this application extended by FME? If No, then you can extend the application from the Action column.
FME Build The current FME build installed on your machine.
FME Home Path The location of the FME installation folder.


Copy Text

Copies the properties so you can paste details into an e-mail application or text file. This information might be required if you need to troubleshoot an installation.


This button is enabled only when certain third-party applications are installed.

When it is enabled, you can set application-specific top-level defaults.