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Web Service Connections

Select Tools > FME Options and click the Web Service Connections icon.

Many web services require you to connect and authenticate in order to make REST calls to them. For example, when you use an HTTPCaller transformer, you may need to authenticate to a web service, such as Google Fusion Tables. The Web Service Connections page allows you to manage these web services in the following ways:

Viewing, Adding and Removing Web Services

FME Desktop must be registered to use the web services to which you want to connect. Many of the most common services are already registered in FME. You can also add and remove your own web services.

To view the web services that are available in FME, click Web Services. The Manage Web Services dialog opens, listing the available services.

To add a service, on the Manage Web Services dialog, click the Add button . In the dropbox, specify the authorization protocol the service uses (OAuth 2.0, Token, or HTTP Authentication). Alternatively, to use an existing service as a template, select Create From. The newly added web service opens. In the list of services, enter a name for the service. Add the service parameters, and click Save.

To remove a service, on the Manage Web Services dialog, select the service you want to remove and click the Remove button .

You cannot edit or remove services that are pre-registered in FME Desktop.

Managing Named Connections to Web Services

Use the Web Services Connections window to manage named web service connections.

To add a named connection

It is usually more convenient to add a named connection at the time you want to use one in a workspace. However, you can also add a named connection directly in FME Options, and use it later in a workspace.

  1. Click the Add button .
  2. On the Add Named Connection dialog, specify the web service and connection parameters, and click OK.

To edit a named connection

You can edit the connection parameters of an existing named connection. After you edit, all workspaces that use the named connection will use the new parameters to connect.

To remove a named connection

To change the storage location of the named connections file

You can change the location where the named connection configuration file is stored. This change is made in the Default Paths tool.