User Roles and Permissions

FME Cloud supports the following user roles for accounts:


Access to FME Server Instances

Account Settings

Other Tasks



Full access.

Full access.

Full access, including Billing.

By default, the user who signs up for an account is the owner. There can be only one owner.


Full access.

Full access.

Can manage own profile only.

Can view Current Monthly Usage, Past Invoices, and Credits.



Full access



Can manage own profile only.


To view accounts (owner and admin only)

  1. Open the Account Settings page: Click your account name on the menu bar, and select Account Settings.
  2. On the Account Settings page, click Team Management.


FME Cloud grants the following permissions, depending on role:

  • Dashboard: Work with FME Cloud instances.
  • Account Settings: View basic information about your account.
  • Team Management: Add, update, and remove account members.
  • Current Monthly Usage: View your monthly invoice estimate based on current usage.
  • Past Invoices: Access previous billing statements.
  • Credits: View your current credit summary.
  • Buy Subscription: Purchase an annual subscription for an instance.
  • Billing: Manage your billing information.