Server Analytics

Use the Server Analytics page to view the Jobs load on your FME Server within a specified time period. This information can help you balance when to run jobs, particularly through Schedules and Automations, so that FME Server operates more efficiently.

Use the controls at top to specify the time period for which you want to see data.

The large graph displays the number of jobs that were running during the specified period. (Only completed jobs are counted. Jobs that are still in a queued or running state are not counted). Mouse over a point on the graph to get exact job count and timestamp data for that interval.

You can click and drag inside the large graph to zoom in (shorten) the time interval. Doing so may adjust the time intervals along the bottom axis (for example, from days to hours, or from hours to minutes), and the job count intervals along the left axis.

Alternatively, the specified period also displays in the blue shaded area of the smaller graph at bottom. Grab and drag the handles on either side of this shaded area to adjust the time period further. Or, click and drag in the middle of the shaded area to move the entire time frame backward or forward.