Web Application Properties

Upload Service Properties File Content

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Upload Service Servlet configuration file
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# This file details the installation parameters of the Upload Service Servlet.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# SERVER_NAME - The computer where the Transformation Manager is running. Can be specified
# as a network name (ie: "ATHENA") or an IP. The default value is
# "localhost".
SERVER_NAME={{getv "/fmeserverhostnamelocal" "localhost"}}
# SERVER_PORT - The port on which the Transformation Manager is running on the remote
# machine. This is an integer between 1025 and 65535.
# The default value is the default Transformation Manager listening port,
# which is 7071.
SERVER_PORT={{getv "/fmeserverrequestport" "7071"}}
# RESOURCE_PATH - This is the path to the textual resources of the log.
# This file stores all the messages that will appear in the
# log as well as their code.
RESOURCE_PATH={{getv "/repositoryserverrootdir"}}/localization
# ENABLE_SECURITY - A boolean value that determines if security is enabled
ENABLE_SECURITY={{getv "/enablesecurity" "true"}}
# SECURITY_CLIENT_ID - The identifier for this client's security context
UPLOAD_DIR={{getv "/repositoryserverrootdir"}}/resources/system/temp/upload
# DEFAULT_FORMAT - The default response format (typically JSON)
# DEFAULT_ZIP_CODEPAGE - The default codepage used to interpret zip archived file names
DEFAULT_ZIP_CODEPAGE={{getv "/zipcodepage" "CP437"}}
# LOG_CONFIG_PATH - The folder path that contains the log file configuration.
LOG_CONFIG_PATH={{getv "/installdir"}}/Utilities/config
# LOG_FILE_NAME - The file name that the log files will have in common.
LOG_FILE_NAME={{getv "/logprefix" ""}}dataupload.log
#LOCALE_CONFIG_PATH - the path to the FME localization config file which contains the FME_LOCALE property
# If no file path or an invalid file path is specified, then the default system locale is used.
# If a valid file path is specified, the FME locale in the specified file is used.
# If there is no FME_LOCALE property in the file, then the default system locale is used.
# The language, country and variant are separated by underscores.
# Language is always lower case, and country is always upper case.
# Examples: "en", "de_DE", "_GB", "en_US_WIN", "de__POSIX", "fr__MAC"
LOCALE_CONFIG_PATH={{getv "/repositoryserverrootdir"}}/localization/fmeLocaleConfig.txt
# CORS Shared Configuration File - File system path to the configuration file for cross-origin resource sharing that
# is itself shared by all FME Server services.
CORS_SHARED_CONFIGURATION_FILE={{getv "/repositoryserverrootdir"}}/localization/clients/cors.properties
# Charset Encoding Filter Configuration File - File system path to the configuration file for
# charset encoding filter.
CHARSET_ENCODING_FILTER_CONFIGURATION_FILE={{getv "/repositoryserverrootdir"}}/localization/clients/charsetEncoding.properties