Unsupported SASL Mechanism

Log file message:

(Active Directory) SASL mechanism "..." is not supported by Active Directory server.


Authentication Method = SASL is specified for an Active Directory connection, but the specified SASL mechanism was not supported by the Active Directory server.


The SASL field of an Active Directory connection must be set to an SASL mechanism that is supported by the Active Directory server.

To see the SASL mechanisms supported by an Active Directory server:

From AD Explorer:

  1. Connect to the Active Directory.
  2. Right-click the Active Directory root, and select 'Properties...'.
  3. Select the 'RootDSE Attributes' tab.
  4. The supported SASL mechanisms for this Active Directory server are listed under the 'supportedSASLMechanisms' attribute.


  1. Determine the version of Microsoft Windows® Server.
  2. The supported SASL mechanisms are listed under in this MSDN article: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc223371.aspx.