Encrypting the FME Server Database Password

The password for the FME Server Database is stored in the fmeDatabaseConfig.txt configuration file.

By default, the password is encrypted. The password may be unencrypted if it was manually updated after installation. To encrypt the FME Server Database password, follow these steps:

  1. From all machines on which the FME Server Core is installed, open a command prompt and start a PowerShell session. For example, on Windows, the command is:
  2. powershell.exe

  3. Change the directory to <FMEServerDir>\Clients\utilities\
  4. Run encryptConfigSetting.ps1 (Windows) or encryptConfigSetting.sh (Linux), and supply the following parameters:
    • The DB_PASSWORD value. Find this in fmeDatabaseConfig.txt, and ensure it corresponds to your database server type. If your FME Server is an Express installation, your database server (DB_TYPE) is postgresql. If your FME Server is a Custom installation, your database server (DB_TYPE) is either postgresql, sqlserver, or oracle.
    • For example:

      .\encryptConfigSetting.ps1 DB_PASSWORD fmeserver

  5. Copy the encrypted password that is generated from the command prompt output and paste it over the unencrypted DB_PASSWORD value in fmeDatabaseConfig.txt.
  6. Save fmeDatabaseConfig.txt, and restart FME Server.
Warning  Any change to System Encryption, including generating a new custom encryption key, or reverting to default encryption, also affects the FME Server Database password. To ensure this password is based on the current key, you must perform these steps again following any changes performed in System Encryption.