About the Reader and Writer Gallery

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The Reader and Writer Gallery lists all formats supported by FME.

It includes the following information:

Column Definition
Description Full format name
Short Name Common abbreviation for the format
Extensions Lists file extension(s) associated with the format
Type Indicates whether the format is a file- or folder-based format
Read/Write Indicates whether the format is a reader, a writer, or both
Coordinate System Indicates whether a custom coordinate system is associated with the format
Licensed Some formats require that you obtain special licensing, or specific versions of FME. This column indicates whether your FME is licensed to read/write the format
Search Enter a keyword or a partial text string to filter results.
Custom Formats
  • Create a new format using the Custom Format wizard.
  • Import a custom format and add it to the gallery.
  • Edit an existing custom format.

The following icons identify Custom Formats in the Reader and Writer Gallery:

Custom Format Icon Description
Custom Format created by the user or included with an FME installation.
Custom Format downloaded and installed from FME Hub, either by the user or included with an FME Installation.
Close Close the gallery.
Details Click on a format, then click Details to display the technical documentation for the format.