R Statistical Data (RData) Non-Spatial Reader/Writer

The R Statistical Data (RDATA) Non-Spatial Reader/Writer allows FME to read and write files in the R format.

Note: The R Data format is supported though an external statistics application Stat/Transfer made by Circle Systems. Usage of this format requires an installed and licensed Stat/Transfer application. Please visit www.stattransfer.com for information.


R files store data as binary or ASCII workspace files, one of which will store a number of objects. Each object stores a sequence of records which in turn store variables and their values. An object represents an FME feature type, while its records represent FME features.

There is no geometry or dimension to the features created from R files. Therefore, none of the features read from R Statistical Data are directly viewable.

By convention, these files use the .rda or .rdata filename extension, but the R reader can read any extension. The R reader must read decompressed R files that can be in either binary or ASCII mode, and the writer will always output uncompressed ASCII R files.

Reader Overview

The reader produces an FME feature for each record in the input R file. The feature’s attributes will be the names of the variables in the current member.

Writer Overview

The writer writes all attributes of a feature to an R file. It is a folder writer, so features of different types are written to different R files.