OGC GeoPackage Reader/Writer

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Desktop Professional Edition.

Notice: FME Version 2020.0+: To maintain backwards compatibility, we have released an updated version of the OGC GeoPackage Reader/Writer. The previous version of this format (Format Type Identifier GEOPACKAGE) has been deprecated.

What's New?

This format (OGCGEOPACKAGE) and the previous version of this format (GEOPACKAGE) are almost identical, but they do have several differences:


FME provides read and write access to GeoPackage files. GeoPackage files may contain multiple Vector Feature User Data Tables. FME treats these tables as feature types, and can read features from them, as well as write features to them. FME treats each column in a table as an attribute, and each row as a feature.

GeoPackage is an open standard from OGC that has been designed for use with mobile devices. GeoPackage is based on SQLite as an underlying data container, which makes it platform-independent and easy to copy or move, as well as giving it all the power of a fully-featured relational database management system.

More information about the GeoPackage standard can be found at www.geopackage.org.

Getting Started with GeoPackage

See the guide Getting Started With GeoPackage.

Usage Notes

  • The GeoPackage reader exposes the primary key column as an attribute with type int and index type PrimaryKey.
  • The GeoPackage writer can write one attribute with type int and index type PrimaryKey. If a feature is inserted, then the value of this attribute is used as the row ID and the value must be unique. If a feature is updated or deleted, then the value of this attribute is used to determine which row to update or delete (see Feature Operation).

Reader Overview

The GeoPackage reader supports reading multiple Vector Feature Tables from the same GeoPackage file. FME treats each table as a feature type, each row as a feature, and each column as an attribute.

The tables must be defined in the workspace before they can be read.

Writer Overview

The GeoPackage writer stores feature records into a Vector Feature Table within a GeoPackage file. The GeoPackage writer provides the following capabilities:

  • Table Creation
  • Table Overwrite

These are described in OGC GeoPackage Writer Feature Type Parameters.