Extensis (Formerly LizardTech) MrSID Reader

Licensing options for this format begin with FME Professional Edition.

The MrSID reader allows FME to read data in the MrSID format1Copyright © 1995-2019 Celartem, Inc. dba Extensis. All rights reserved. MrSID is protected by U.S. Patent No. 5,710,835. Foreign Patents Pending..

With the MrSID format, large raster image files such as aerial photographs or satellite imagery are compressed and can be quickly viewed without having to decompress the entire file.

Reader Overview

FME considers a single MrSID file to be a dataset.

MrSID files contain pixel data and each pixel in the file is a point in a single FME raster feature.

FME Raster Features

FME raster features represent raster data and use several concepts that are unlike those used in the handling of vector data. The topics below describe how FME processes raster data.

About FME Rasters Tiling and Mosaicking
Raster Properties Band Combining and Separating
Band Properties Band and Palette Selection
Palette Properties Raster Processing
Compression Raster versus Vector Features
Pyramiding Raster File Naming
Interleaving World Files
Interpretation and Data Type TAB Files
Palette Resolution