Esri Geodatabase (ArcSDE Geodb) Writer Feature Type Parameters

To access feature type parameters, click the gear icon on a feature type in the workspace to open the Feature Type Parameter Editor. To always display the editor in Workbench, you can select View > Windows > Parameter Editor.


All feature types share similar General parameters, which may include the Feature Type Name, Reader or Writer Name, and Geometry.

In most Writer Feature Type parameter dialogs, you can also control Dynamic Schema Definitions. Some database formats accept a Table Qualifier prefix on the output table feature type.

See Editing Writer Feature Types for more information.

Table Settings: General

Row Selection

When inserting into a table, Row Selection is ignored. When updating and deleting from a table (if applicable, based on a format's available Feature Operation options), a condition needs to be specified for selecting which rows to operate on. This parameter group offers two methods to construct the selection condition:

Table Creation Parameters

Origin and Scale