Esri ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Feature Service Writer Parameters

Service Connection

These are the credentials required to log into ArcGIS Online.


Note: Writers created before FME 2022.1 will have a single Feature Service parameter which is used to specify the feature service.


Item Source

This parameter is used to determine whether the feature service to write to will be specified using a user folder or a group.

  • User Content (default) – Select this option when writing to a user folder.

  • Group – Select this option only when writing to an existing feature service.


This parameter is used when Item Source is set to User Content and specifies the name of the target folder for the feature service.

The default value of / (forward slash) represents the root user folder. Clicking the Browse button will display a list of a user’s folders.


This parameter is used when Item Source is set to Group and specifies the ID of a group for an existing feature service. Clicking the Browse button will display a list of the groups a user belongs to, as well as all the groups in their organization.

Feature Service

This parameter is used to specify a single feature service. Clicking the Browse button will display a list of all the feature services in the selected group or user folder. If selecting an existing feature service, the Feature Service Item ID will be appended to the name of the feature service.

Assuming the correct user folder is selected, these are all valid ways to specify an existing feature service with name My Feature Service and ID 567aba67c25cb60ee159d3fbe2b16eff:

  • My Feature Service(567aba67c25cb60ee159d3fbe2b16eff)

  • (567aba67c25cb60ee159d3fbe2b16eff)

  • My Feature Service


  • To create a new feature service, provide only the name of the new feature service.

  • If you manually enter an ID, you must enclose it within parentheses. Providing a Feature Service Item ID will override the destination specified by the User Folder or Group parameters. The provided ID must match a Feature Service item on ArcGIS Online, otherwise the writer will fail when the translation is run.

Create if Needed

This parameter is only available when Item Source is set to User Content.

  • No – This is the default value.

  • Yes – If the specified Feature Service does not exist in the specified folder, the ArcGIS Online Feature Service Writer will create it. Refer to Feature Service Creation for details regarding this procedure.


  • When creating a new feature service, the feature operation of all the writer’s feature types should be set to Insert. Note that the Feature Type Handling option should not be set to Truncate Existing.

  • If you wish to share a new feature service with a group, you can first create it in your own account and then share it to the group using the Esri ArcGIS Online Connector.


Target WKID

This optional parameter specifies the target spatial reference of the published Feature Service. It’s only applicable when the writer creates a Feature Service.

The default value is WKID 102100. This value corresponds to the Web Mercator projection, which is the standard projection used to create XYZ tiled web maps. If not specified, the server default is used (which is typically also WKID 102100).