Restricting Licenses to Users or Groups

You can restrict floating licenses to specific users, groups, or machines. Create a file called safe.opt in the FlexServer directory. There is no need to reference this file in any other configuration files; FlexNet knows to look for it automatically. However, the file must be named safe.opt, and it must be in the same folder as safe.exe.

Any licenses reserved for a user are dedicated to that user. Even when that user is not actively using the license, it is unavailable to other users.

Here is an example of an options file:

RESERVE 1 professional GROUP groupA

GROUP groupA xxxx yyyy

RESERVE 1 professional GROUP groupB

GROUP groupB aaaa

This example reserves one FME Desktop Professional license for users xxxx and yyyy, who are in group groupA, and one Professional license for user aaaa, who is in group groupB. GROUP member names are case-sensitive.

To restrict a license to specific hosts (i.e. machines) instead, replace the keyword GROUP with HOST_GROUP.

For more documentation, including additional options, see <FlexServer>\Documents\LicenseAdministration.pdf, where <FlexServer> is the directory where you installed the FlexNet software.