Installing FME Desktop from the Windows Command Prompt

We recommend installing FME Desktop using the installation wizard. However, installing from the command prompt may be useful when you want to perform a silent or remote installation.


When performing a silent installation of FME Desktop, keep in mind the following:

Syntax for Silent Installation

msiexec /i <path_to_installer> /qb INSTALLLEVEL=3 INSTALLDIR="<installdir>" ENABLE_POST_INSTALL_TASKS=no


msiexec /i fme_beta.msi /qb INSTALLLEVEL=3 INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\FME" ENABLE_POST_INSTALL_TASKS=no

Note: INSTALLLEVEL=3 must always be specified when installing silently from the command line.


Post-Install Tasks

Licensing FME Desktop from the Windows Command Prompt

MSSQL Formats Only