FME Transformers: 2024.1

Deployment Parameters

Deployment parameters are created inFME Form or FME Flow, and stored in FME Flow. Deployment parameters provide a way to define and reuse text string, database connection, and web connection parameters in workspaces that are shared between multiple instances of FME Flow. If you have connections to one or more installations of FME Flow with Deployment Parameter Stores, you can use deployment parameters anywhere in FME Workbench that requires a parameter for defining a text string, database connection, or web connection.

The deployment parameters to which you have access depend on the active connection to your FME Flow. For more information, see Connecting to FME Flow.

Deployment parameters appear in the Navigator like this:

If the workspace that is currently open uses any deployment parameters, they are listed first. Any other deployment parameters to which you have access that are not referenced in the workspace are listed under Unreferenced.

Why Use Deployment Parameters?

One key benefit of deployment parameters is they allow workspaces that are uploaded to multiple FME Flow environments (for example, to development, test, and production environments) to run without having to update parameter values between these environments. When you reference a deployment parameter in a workspace, its unique configuration in each FME Flow instance is automatically picked up, ensuring smooth workflow transitions.

For example, consider a workspace that you want to run from two FME Flow installations, one on server Test, and one on server Prod. You want to configure a text parameter color in the workspace that, when it runs from server Test, uses the value red, and when it runs from server Prod, uses the value orange. With the workspace open, you connect to FME Flow Test and create deployment parameter color on that server with value red. Then you switch the connection to FME Flow Prod and create deployment parameter color with value orange. In the workspace, you reference deployment parameter color where required, then upload the workspace to both FME Flow servers. When the workspace runs from FME Flow Test (or from FME Workbench with a connection to Test), deployment parameter color references the value red. When it runs from FME Flow Prod (or from FME Workbench with a connection to Prod), deployment parameter color references the value orange.

Addtionally, even if you connect to only one FME Flow environment, deployment parameters provide one location to manage parameters for users and roles in FME Flow. In particular, access to individual parameters can be tailored in FME Flow by managing deployment parameter permissions.

Creating and Working With Deployment Parameters

When you create a deployment parameter from FME Workbench, it is created in the Deployment Parameter Store of the FME Flow instance to which you are connected.

You can create deployment parameters from FME Workbench in the following ways:

  • In the Navigator, right-click on Deployment Parameters and select Create Deployment Parameter.
  • From any transformer parameter menu option that allows you to create a user parameter.
  • From the Text Editor.
  • From an existing user parameter, right-click on the parameter in the Navigator, and select Create Deployment Parameter.
  • To convert an existing user parameter to a deployment parameter, right-click on the user parameter, and select Replace with Deployment Parameter.
  • If your workspace references a deployment parameter, but the FME Flow to which you are connected lacks a reference to that parameter, the corresponding icon for it in the Navigator is red. Right-click on it and select Create Deployment Parameter.

Specifying a Value Local to FME Workbench Different from FME Flow

To use a different value for the parameter when the workspace runs from FME Workbench than when it runs from FME Flow, select Use Local Value in the Create FME Flow Deployment Parameter dialog, and enter the value to use in FME Workbench. To set a local value after a deployment parameter is created, right-click on it in the Navigator and select Set Local Value.

Local values are saved with workspaces, but do not deploy to FME Flow. Local values are indicated in the Navigator with [local value] appended:

Replacing Deployment Parameters

You can replace all instances where a deployment parameter is referenced in a workspace with another parameter, deployment or otherwise. Right-click on the deployment parameter in the Navigator and select Replace.

Viewing Deployment Parameter References

To see where deployment parameters are referenced in your workspace, right-click on the deployment parameter in the Navigator and select Show References. This action opens a Referenced By node in the Navigator, directly under the parameter.