Text File Writer Parameters

Writer Parameters

Overwrite Existing File

  • Yes (default): Overwrites the existing destination file.
  • No: Appends to the existing destination file.

File Contents

Line Termination

Specifies the format of line terminators to be used in the output file.

Write Last Line Terminator

Specifies whether the final line in the file should be terminated with an End of Line (EOL) character appropriate to the Line Termination parameter.

Character Encoding

Controls which character encoding is used when writing the output file.

By default, the writer produces UTF-8 encoded documents. If you select any other character encoding, it will take precedence over the automatically detected character encoding.

Note  Only the UTF encodings are stored by the format in the form of a Byte Order Mark (BOM), which is written optionally but by default when one of these encodings is chosen.

Write UTF Byte Order Mark

This option specifies whether the Byte Order Mark (BOM) for UTF-encoded file should be written at the beginning. This option applies only when the encoding is set to a UTF encoding.

FME Flow Parameters


Note  This parameter is only valid for users who are authoring for FME Flow's streaming service, and would like to be able to create HTML files on the fly for streaming into the browser (as opposed to streaming plain text back to the browser).

By adjusting this setting, the user is communicating to, and storing in the workspace, information on how the text file will be streamed back if it is used in the streaming service.

The valid values for this parameter include all valid MIME types. Several common types are listed and others can be entered as text strings.