Directory and File Pathnames Reader

This reader is most useful when combined with transformers that operate on pathnames to trigger external translations or other events. It is not intended to be used as part of a true translation.

The Directory and File Pathnames reader produces an FME feature for each file and/or folder contained in the specified folder.

The feature produced contains the full pathname, the folder, and the basename of the file or folder in attributes, which can then be used by any transformers to operate on pathnames.

Reader Overview

The reader dataset is a folder, and the Path Filter parameter allows glob patterns for either selecting a specific set of files or folders within the reader dataset directory (if specified as a relative path); or the Path Filter can specify an entirely different path using an absolute path and the reader dataset will be ignored.

Recursive searches can be performed on nested subfolders to find either files or folders by setting the Recurse Into Subfolders parameter to Yes.

See Directory and File Pathnames Reader Parameters for detailed information and examples.

Note  This reader does not find hidden files in the Windows operating system.

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