Tableau Hyper Writer

FME provides write access to Tableau Hyper (.hyper) files.

Tableau is a business analytics and data visualization tool with optional online components for displaying visualizations in web pages.

A Tableau Hyper file supports standard, non-spatial data types, as well as certain spatial geometry types. It can be used with Tableau products including Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. Tableau Hyper files supersede the older .tde files with improvements in performance and storage.

More information about Tableau and Hyper files can be found at


This writer supports the creation of Tableau 10.5 .hyper files.

Tableau Hyper Product and System Requirements


FME Platform

Operating System


FME Form

FME Flow

FME Flow Hosted

Windows 64-bit








- Linux Intel: Yes

- Linux ARM: No

- macOS Intel: Yes

- macOS ARM: No

About the Writer (Hyper)

The Hyper writer writes features as rows into a single table in a hyper file. Hyper files contain one or more schema, which in turn contain one or more tables. Feature types will be written as tables within a given Hyper schema. The feature type name will be the name of the table created. A table name may be prefixed with a schema name followed by a period (.).

Each writer can provide a default schema, and individual feature types may override if needed. Each attribute in FME is mapped to a column in a Hyper file. During the writing process, spatial information is placed in an additional column with a given name.

The writer can create a single file and multiple tables with an arbitrary number of rows and columns.

All tables must be within a schema and tables without a schema prefix will use the Default Schema parameter of the writer.

Format Usage Notes

  • In FME 2022, this format replaced the deprecated format Tableau Data Extract (TDE) Writer
  • Tableau Hyper does not support some geometry types. If you attempt to render any non-supported geometries (by dragging them into a mark in the sheets view), Tableau will open an error window indicating that they are not yet supported.

  • Currently Tableau supports points, lines, polygons, ellipses (as polygons), and donuts (as polygons). Certain aggregate types such as multipolygons are also supported.

Writer Overview

The Hyper writer uses the Tableau Hyper API to create Hyper extract files and add, modify, or remove data from them. The Hyper writer provides the following capabilities:

  • Schema Creation
  • Table Creation
  • Geometry Insertion
  • Geometry Update (based on other attribute value matching)

If a schema does not yet exist in the Hyper file, it will be created automatically. Tables will be created with the schema defined by the writer feature type, subject to the Table Handling Feature Type parameter. Other attributes will be ignored.

Tips for Using the Hyper Writer

When inserting a feature into Hyper, missing and null attributes on the feature will be written as null values. Empty string attributes on the feature will be written out as empty strings.


Before trying to write to the Hyper file, ensure that the file is not opened by another program, including another instance of FME.

Multiple writers writing to the same Hyper file is not supported. Each writer must have a unique destination dataset.

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