Esri Geodatabase (XML Workspace Document) Reader

Note   To use FME’s Esri XML Workspace Document Reader, you must also install Esri ArcGIS® 9 or newer.
The bit version (64-bit) must be the same for FME and ArcGIS. Please see the Quick Facts for additional information about licensing.

This reader is based on the same technology as FME’s Esri Geodatabase Reader. The two formats are essentially the same.

Please see the Reader section of the Esri Geodatabase Reader/Writer for additional information on usage.


The XML workspace document is an XML specification for the geodatabase that can be used to hold all geodatabase contents.

This format enables FME to read data from Esri’s XML workspace document. It can read both binary and text XML workspace documents.

To read the schema from the XML workspace document, you can use the Schema Reader or XML Reader:

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