Microsoft DirectX Feature Representation

In addition to the generic FME feature attributes that FME Workbench adds to all features (see About Feature Type Attributes), this format also adds format-specific attributes (Format Attributes).

DirectX features consist of geometry alone. All DirectX features contain a directx_type attribute, which identifies the geometric type.

Geometries with no Z coordinates (2D geometries) will be assigned zero as their z values.


directx_type: directx_model

Models are meshes are composed of triangular faces. If the input mesh contains faces with more than three distinct vertices, then the face will be converted into multiple triangular faces. The triangular faces of a mesh need not be connected.

Polygons and donuts are treated as meshes. They will be converted into triangular faces that represents the inner area of the polygon or donut.

Material and Appearance

If the feature being read does not contain a valid material reference, the appearance on the individual face in the mesh will be set to FME’s default appearance. Any raster referenced as a texture in the DirectX file will be read by FME, as long as the source format is supported by FME.


While some DirectX files may contain animation data, the DirectX reader will ignore all animation and extract only the geometry and texture of the elements in the file. All hierarchy will be flattened while preserving the transformation data.