FME Flow Automations Writer

Note  This writer is a key component of the FME Flow Automations capability and is only useful when the workspace is embedded within an Automations workflow.
Previously known as FME Server Automations Writer

This writer enables workspaces to communicate and return data to an Automations workflow. This enables FME Flow Automations to perform many new tasks, including (but not restricted to) the following:

  • Implement enterprise integration patterns such as routing data based on information from other systems or databases.
  • Send data to other systems in the middle of an automation.
  • Provide a mechanism for data-driven parallel processing. FME Flow Automations enable one input message to result in multiple output messages, each of which will be processed in the automation.
  • Enrich the content of messages by joining information in a source message with information from other systems.

Writer Overview

Each feature sent to the writer is written as a single JSON object in GeoJSON format. This gives the writer the ability to inject attributes into the workflow stream.

The FME Flow Automations framework makes the attribute values available to downstream workflow components. This enables data to be passed both into and out of workspaces that are in Automations.