Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data Reader/Writer

FME can read and write Autodesk Map 3D’s Object Data found in Autodesk DWG files. FME provides this support for AutoCAD file versions up to and including 2018, produced by any version of the AutoCAD collection of applications.

Reader Overview

This reader provides almost all the functionality available within the AutoCAD RealDWG Reader with the following exception:

  • Schemas are generated based on the setting of object data reading mode rather than on layers, geometries, or attribute schemas. The data features read by the AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data reader are also created based on the object data reading mode, and are structured to match the schema generated. See the Reader Parameters: Object Data Reading Mode for details.

The Autodesk Map Reader uses the reader type AUTOCAD_OD.

Writer Overview

When creating AutoCAD DWG/DXF files, the AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data Writer first defines the linetypes, layers, and object data tables defined within the FME workspace. The writer then reads in a template file, if specified, and copies the linetypes, layer definitions, shape file header information, and block information from the template file to the output data set. Any object data tables in the template file will not be copied.

The AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data Writer takes each feature that is given to it and outputs it to the destination dataset according to the appropriate entity type. In addition, all entity types will be checked for object data information according to the attributes defined on the feature type.

The attribute information on features is written to object data for each feature written to the dataset.