Esri ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Feature Service Troubleshooting

ArcGIS Online Connection Troubleshooting

We are actively working to improve our web connections. Ongoing changes to our ArcGIS Online Web Connections are designed to promote stability and lessen errors due to authentication.

Please see this related FME Community article.

Other Issues

After creating a Feature Service from a workspace, the Feature Service thumbnail is blank on the ArcGIS web interface, and adding the Feature Service to a map results in an error.

Newly-created Feature Services may require some time to complete processing. Wait a few minutes and then retry.

When inserting features into an existing Feature Service layer, values supplied for the Object ID (FID) attribute are ignored.

ArcGIS always assigns the Object ID. It is not an error to supply an Object ID value when inserting features, but the server may ignore it.

When writing to an existing layer, the operation fails due to a server timeout or HTTP 500 response.

The server may be having trouble handling the size of the write operation. The AGOL Reader/Writer will automatically attempt 5 retries if an Error 500 is encountered. This is not configurable and each successive attempt has an increase in duration before the next retry.

Reduce the value of the Features Per Request advanced parameter and try again.

When reading from a feature service, the translation hangs or fails with a timeout error.

Feature service tables/layers that contain a large number of features may not be able to return their contents in a single read operation.

To limit the total number of features requested, modify the WHERE clause in the reader feature type parameters to return a smaller amount. For example, for a table with object ID field OBJECTID, the WHERE clause could be set to "OBJECTID"<1000000 to request at most a million features and increased ("OBJECTID">1000000 and ”OBJECTID”<2000000) to read all features from the table.

Reading from a feature service layer does not return all features expected from the layer.

Specifying a feature server using its ArcGIS Online/Portal Item may apply visualization filters defined in the Item to the feature service before reading in features. If this occurs, a warning will be logged that the reader is reading from the feature service with filters defined.

To read directly from a feature server, you can either use the Feature Server URL directly with the Esri ArcGIS Server Feature Service reader, or you can create a new Item and remove the visualization filter.