Proxy Data

Some proxy data is also supported within the AutoCAD reader and writer.

Proxy data is yet another manner in which data is stored within AutoCAD files. This data is normally associated with ARX extensions.

To the rest of FME, the proxy objects are made to look as close as possible to regular AutoCAD data. For example, linear entity types are called autocad_line. Proxy features have a number of associated attributes that are not present in other entities.

Note   Only MPolygon proxy data is supported in AutoCAD R12 and older.

Proxy Data Attribute



A unique number that is assigned to all the components of a single object. Since a single proxy object can have a number of geometric primitives associated with it, all proxy objects are output with the same number so that, if necessary, they can be identified as belonging together by the rest of the FME processing.


The number given to the class of which this proxy object is an instance.


The dxf class name of the proxy class.


The C++ class name of the proxy class.


The application class name of the proxy class.


The class version of the proxy class.