3D Solids

autocad_entity: autocad_solid3d

Features with this value are used to store both AutoCAD 3D solid and body entities.

These 3D solids may be represented by an autocad_solid3d:

  • cone
  • elliptical cone
  • cylinder
  • elliptical cylinder
  • revolve
  • sphere
  • torus

This value is used by both the reader and the writer.

Closed surface boundary representations of 3D geometric volumes which may contain representations of multiple unconnected 3D solids may be stored as surfaces or multi-surfaces on read. Most 3D solids will be represented as surface boundaries and will be handled as autocad_surface type features on write.

For writing, all 3D solid geometry types are supported. Any types of 3D geometry which are not directly supported as entities are decomposed into triangulated mesh representation prior to writing.