FME Packages

Select Tools > FME Options > FME Packages.

Tip  Use the Filter search to find a setting located anywhere in FME Options.

View, update, or remove any of the FME Packages that are installed on your FME Form.

FME packages are a fully portable mechanism for distributing post-install FME Engine components, including transformers, readers, writers, and web connections. Packages contain all dependencies that are required to run. Python-backed transformers and FME Workbench-created items, including custom transformers and custom formats, are supported.

Adding Packages

Packages are available for download from FME Hub.

Updating a Package

Updating a package pulls the latest version from FME Hub.

  1. Click Check for Updates.
  2. After the update check completes, select the package you want to update. If the Update button is enabled, an update is available for the selected package. Additionally, (Update Available) is appended to the package name.
  3. Click Update.

Removing a Package

Removing a package removes all components from FME Workbench that were contained in the package.

Select the package you want to remove and click Remove.