FME Form: 2024.1

Updating Readers and Writers

With new releases of FME, readers and writers are sometimes upgraded to include new functionality. When you upgrade to a newer version of FME, the readers and writers in your workspaces do not update to their latest versions. All readers and writers continue to work the same as they always did, according to their versions when you initially added them. If you choose, you can manually update the individual readers and writers in your workspaces to the the version of FME Form you are currently using.

Tip   to view the last FME Form version and build to which a reader or writer was added or updated, mouse over the reader or writer in the Navigator, and view the tooltip.

To update, right-click the reader or writer in the Navigator, and select Update Reader or Update Writer. (Alternatively, select the same options from Readers or Writers in the Menu Bar.) An update dialog opens that is similar to Adding Readers or Adding Writers. Click Parameters to apply any new or updated settings. Alternatively, you may wish to change the reader or writer altogether with a different format, dataset, coordinate system, or workflow option at the same time you upgrade. To complete the upgrade, click OK.