FME Form: 2024.1

Max Logged Features to Record

Workspace Parameters > Logging > Max Logged Features to Record

Any feature that is recorded in the log window (or file) will also get written to an FFS log dataset. This dataset takes the same name as the log file but with “_log” added and an FFS extension.

This setting determines the number of features that will get written to this log dataset.

It’s important to be aware that the log feature maximums apply an overall cap to accumulated log totals. For example, three Logger transformers each have a limit of 10 features to log, giving a theoretical maximum of 30 features. However, the “Max Features to Log” setting will restrict the overall total; for example, if set to 10, then it will restrict the theoretical maximum from 30 to 10.

You should also note that these settings affect not just manually logged features – using the Logger for example – but also features that are logged for another reason. For example, text features rejected by the AreaBuilder are logged in this way, and their logging affected by these logging maximums.

To control the default setting of this parameter for all workspaces, see Workspace Defaults.