FME Form: 2024.1

Max Features to Log

Workspace Parameters > Logging > Max Features to Log

To prevent the accidental creation of extremely large log files, FME controls the number of features that may be logged during an FME session.

FME logs features found to be invalid during translation so, for example, if a bad input data file is encountered, or if you inadvertently route lines through a cell feature, FME can literally log thousands of features and a log file several megabytes in size may result.

The value of this setting imposes a limit on the number of features that can be logged during a translation. This prevents excessively large log files from being inadvertently generated. Any features beyond the set limit are not logged at all.  A statistic is output at the end of the log that states the number of suppressed features that were not logged.

To control the default setting of this feature for all workspaces, see Workspace Defaults.

Removing the Limit

To remove this limit and log all features, change this setting to -1.

Note  This setting takes precedence over the Maximum Logged Features parameter in the Logger transformer.