Which files are included with FME?

When you install FME, grid shift files for the following datum transformations are automatically installed:

  • AGD66 <-> GDA94 (Australia)
  • AGD84 <-> GDA94 (Australia)
  • CH1903 <-> CH1903Plus (Chenyx06, Switzerland)
  • DHDN <-> ETRS89 (BeTA2007, Germany)
  • DHDN <-> ETRS89 (High Precision Hessen, Germany)
  • DHDN <-> ETRS89 (High Precision Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany)
  • DHDN <-> ETRS89 (SeTa2009, Germany)
  • ED50 <-> ETRF89 (Spain)
  • JGD2000 <-> JGD2011 (Japan)
  • NAD27 <-> NAD83 (Canada)
  • NAD27 <-> NAD83 (USA)
  • NAD83 <-> HPGN (United States)
  • NTF <-> RGF93 (France)
  • NZGD49 <-> NZGD2K (New Zealand)
  • OSGB <-> OSTN97 (Great Britain)
  • OSGB <-> OSTN02 (Great Britain)
  • TOKYO <-> TOKYO GRID (Japan)

Unsupported Transformations

Please note that different jurisdictions and standards may require the use of specific grid shift files not necessarily provided by Safe Software. Safe is unable to provide grid shift files for the transformations listed below. In these cases, it is necessary to contact the appropriate jurisdiction to obtain the required files.

  • NAD27 <-> CSRS (Canadian provinces)
  • NAD83 <-> CSRS (Canadian provinces)
  • ATS77 <-> CSRS (Province of New Brunswick)
  • NAD27 <-> ATS77 (Province of New Brunswick)

To obtain grid shift files for Canadian CSRS and ATS77 transformations, please visit Natural Resources Canada's Provincial contacts.

Adding support for NAD83 <-> NAD27 Datum Shifts

You cannot perform implicit NAD83 <-> NAD27 datum shifts until Canadian or U.S. grid files have been chosen.

In FME, you can specify the grid files to use. From the FME Workbench menu bar, click Tools > FME Options and then click the Coordinate Systems icon.

Note  It is not necessary to choose grid files using this method if a NAD83 <-> NAD27 transformation is explicitly chosen in a CsmapReprojector transformer.

Datum USE Methods

For more information on individual grid shift files, see Datum USE Methods.