FME Form: 2024.1

FME Options: Database Connections

Select Tools > FME Options > Database Connections.

Tip  Use the Filter search to find a setting located anywhere in FME Options.

Use the Database Connections window to manage database connections.

To add a database connection

It is usually more convenient to add a database connection at the time you want to use one in a workspace. However, you can also add a connection directly in FME Options Database Connections, and use this connection later in a workspace.

  1. Click the Add button .
  2. In the Add Database Connection dialog, specify the database type and connection parameters, and click Save.
  3. Visibility: This field applies only if Database Accessibility, as specified in Tools > FME Options > Default Paths, is Shared. Specify whether the connection is available only to yourself, or to any user of the database (Shared). For more information, click Help from the Default Paths window under Tools > FME Options.

Note  The following characters are not allowed in connection names: ^ \ / : * ? " < > | & = ' + % #
Tip  To populate the Add Database Connection dialog with the parameters of an existing connection, select a connection and click , and edit as desired.

To edit a database connection

You can edit the connection parameters of an existing database connection. After you edit, all workspaces that use the connection will use the new parameters to connect.

  1. Double-click the connection you want to edit.
  2. On the editing dialog, edit the connection parameters as desired, and click Save.

To remove a database connection

  • Select the connection and click the Remove button .

To change the storage location of the connections file

You can change the location where the connection configuration file is stored. This change is made in the Tools > FME Options > Default Paths tool.