FME Flow: 2024.1

Single Sign-On Authentication Failure (Service Account)

Log file message:

(Single Sign-On) Failed authentication using pre-authenticated credentials (for a service account).

(Single Sign-On) Failed to create server credentials. Ensure that pre-authenticated credentials (for a service account) are correctly specified in single sign-on configuration.

Cause 1

The service account used by FME Flow was not correctly specified. The account name or password may be incorrect, or both.

Resolution 1

Ensure that the service account details are correctly specified in the Service Account Name and Service Account Password fields of an Active Directory connection.

Cause 2

Authentication Method SASL is not specified, or the SASL Mechanism is not GSSAPI.

Resolution 2

SASL must be specified as the Authentication Method and GSSAPI must be specified as the SASL Mechanism in the Active Directory connection.

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