Provide a Web Application Server

Note  Complete this step only if you want to use your own Apache Tomcat web application server, instead of the one provided with the FME Flow installer.

Provide a web application server on the local system of your FME Flow installation.

FME Flow supports Apache Tomcat version 9.0.x. On Windows, we recommend running the web application server on the same version of the Java Runtime Environment as FME Flow runs. To determine this version, use a text editor to open file release in <FMEFlowDir>\Utilities\jre.

The following are not supported:

  • Apache Tomcat version 10.x.
  • Java Runtime Environment 9, 16, 18 or later.
Note  On Linux, you must add the following environment variable to etc/environment:


You must know the port number on which your web application server receives incoming requests and the path to the directory where your web application server stores web application .war files. (This directory is normally called webapps.)

Additionally, you must allow the necessary system accounts permission to run the web application server. For more information, see Directory and Account Permissions.