IBM Netezza Spatial and Non-Spatial Reader/Writer

FME can read and write spatial data and/or attribute data inside Netezza® databases, hosted on Netezza appliances running Netezza Platform Software (NPS) versions 6.0 and above.

Supported Versions and Configurations

FME supports NPS versions 6.0 and above, and IBM Netezza Analytics (INZA) packages versions 2.0.4 and above. Please refer to Compatibility matrix, upgrade notes, and general notes for IBM Netezza Analytics Version 3.x for a compatibility matrix between NPS versions and INZA versions. For INZA packages, both Esri and non-Esri spatial packages are supported.

FME can also support INZA versions as old as 1.1.2. These older INZA packages do not come with metadata tables required by FME, so, the user must manually create the following two metadata tables in the database and schema in which FME is used for spatial data access

This creates an empty SPATIAL_REF_SYS table. Please contact IBM for steps on how to populate this table if desired.

FME has spatial data support for multiple schema as well as single schema configurations. FME supports both databases in which a spatial cartridge is explicitly registered, and databases in which no spatial cartridge is registered. In the latter case, FME falls back onto the INZA database, and makes use of the spatial cartridge registered inside the INZA database.


There are two reader and writer module types: Netezza Spatial and Netezza:

  • Netezza Spatial readers and writers support both spatial and non-spatial fields.
  • Netezza readers and writers support non-spatial fields.

For more detailed information, refer to Netezza Spatial Package User’s Guide and the related OpenGIS standard Implementation Specification for Geographic information - Simple feature access - Parts 1 and 2.

Spatial Architecture

Reader Overview

The Netezza reader modules provide FME with read access to attribute data and spatial data stored in Netezza database tables via Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

Writer Overview

The Netezza writer modules provide FME with write access to attribute data and spatial data stored in Netezza database tables via ODBC.

ODBC Setup

Netezza readers and writers connect to Netezza databases via ODBC. Therefore, Netezza’s ODBC driver needs to be installed. Ensure that the driver version is compatible with the NPS version you are connecting to.

Once the ODBC driver is installed, Data Source Names (DSNs) can be configured from the ODBC Control Panel located under Administrative Tools.


IMPORTANT When configuring DSNs, ensure that the Optimize for ASCII character set setting is checked. Otherwise, geometry data can be corrupted. If your data contains non-ASCII strings, consider using nchar/nvarchar field types to store them.