About Workspaces

Workspaces are files you create in FME Workbench that define all of the parameters of your data translation.

By default, workspaces are saved as .fmw files in the */My Documents/My FME Workspaces folder of your local drive.

The primary components of workspaces are:

  • Readers and Writers: Readers tell FME what data format you are starting out with, where to find the dataset, and any special parameters for how to read it. Writers specify the format of the data you want to end up with, and the parameters for how to write the new dataset.
  • Transformers: These are objects that act on the data after it is read and before it is written by reorganizing its structure or changing its content.

When you create or edit a workspace, the structure—or schema—of both the source and destination data is graphically portrayed in FME Workbench.

The FME Workbench interface provides a rich set of tools to get you started with all of your workspace tasks, including:

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