About the FME Integration Console

DEPRECATION NOTICE: The FME Integration Console is deprecated, and will be removed from FME Desktop 2023.0.

FME Application Extensions are products that use or embed FME functionality in other applications. The exact functionality varies from product to product, but can include the ability to read datasets not native to that application, to export to non-native datasets, or to convert between two non-native formats.

FME can "extend" several different applications. Some extensions are packaged as part of FME, some are sold as add-ons, and some are packaged as part of the other GIS application. Unless they are packaged as part of FME, support for Application Extensions is usually provided by the application vendor.

Supported Applications

Using the FME Integration Console, you can extend the following applications with FME functionality:

  • Pitney Bowes MapInfo (64-bit only)

For information about how FME works with other applications, please see Solutions for GIS Applications.

Note: FME does not currently extend any applications on Mac or Linux.

Installation Notes

When extending an application using FME Desktop, please be aware of the following:

  • Only 64-bit applications can be extended with FME.
  • Fixed (node-locked) licenses of FME Desktop will automatically extend compatible third-party software installed on the same system. You can easily revert the extensions.
  • FME cannot extend shared applications that are installed on a different machine. FME and the application to be extended must be installed on the same logical machine, whether it is a physical machine or a virtual machine.

Using the Integration Console

Extending Applications

Menus and Windows

Reverting Applications