Leica Independent Data Exchange Format (IDEX) Reader/Writer

The Leica Independent Data Exchange Format (IDEX) File Reader and Writer modules provide FME with the capability to read and write Leica IDEX files. This chapter assumes you are familiar with this format.


The processed sections of the IDEX file are in shaded boxes in the following diagrams.

Components of the Codes Section

Components of the Database Section

The Codes and Database sections contain information about the features and their attributes, as well as information pertaining to the format of a specific IDEX file. The data relating to the features are preserved when reading from an IDEX file, however the IDEX file formatting information is not.

The EAST and NORTH columns are used as coordinates by the FME.

When converting an IDEX file to another format, the FME focuses on the geometric features of IDEX. The supported geometric features are listed here:

Geometric Features








Limitations of the Leica-provided IDEX dynamic link libraries, upon which this function is based, prevent IDEX to IDEX translations from being performed.

Reader Overview

The IDEX reader first processes point features, and then their associated attribute information. This includes information from the DATABASE, CODES, ATTRIBUTES, and THEMINFO sections. After processing the points, the reader then processes the lines and polygons.

During processing, detected error conditions are reported in the FME log file.

Writer Overview

The IDEX writer provides the ability to generate IDEX files. All IDEX information translated is put into a single IDEX file.