Autodesk ReCap Writer

FME can create point cloud data files for the Autodesk® ReCap application.


The ReCap format stores spatially indexed point cloud data, which can be loaded into various Autodesk applications to view, edit, and analyze point cloud geometries.

The ReCap Writer produces two types of files:

  • RCS files are scan files that contain the actual spatially indexed point cloud data.
  • RCP files are project files that point to a number of RCS files and contain additional information such as scan regions, recorded distances, and annotations.

ReCap supports RGB and intensity values for each point, and EPSG coordinate reference systems that can be specified per project.

Writer Overview

FME considers a dataset to be the project name to be created. The feature type of each dataset is an individual RCS file created in a subfolder.

The Writer Dataset is the Destination Autodesk ReCap Project Directory.